Pretty Cool

Some varied notes and thoughts:

So I'm all about the previews now, right? I'm adding some previews to the clips here, and I'm adding some previews to my Clips4Sale and IWantClips stores. Also, I'm putting the clips here into categories, so if you are looking for, say, only clips that have dangling in them, you would be able to filter the clips and find what you're looking for fairly easily.

(I am still in the process of doing all the clips, so right now the categories are a little incomplete, but I am working really hard to make this a better site so eventually everything here will be categorized for your convenience.)

I discovered that you can do a full-screen preview on the previews at Clips4Sale, and I am jazzed about that.

Clips are less expensive here than on my Clips4sale store. You can buy via Paypal quickly and easily and get your download link right away. Alternately, you can purchase from my IWantClips store as those prices are slightly lower as well. 

I'm editing and uploading a BUNCH of stuff right now. I need to get more cigarettes. Though I still have some Misty 120s and More 120s left, I am out of everything else. No American Spirits left. No Marlboro Black or Red left. No VS 120s left. It's a sad situation which hopefully will somehow change soon. But hey, at least I still have the Mistys and the Mores. That is definitely something.


Custom Clips Redux

I am now offering custom clips through IWantCustomClips. This should make the ordering process much more streamlined and easy, allowing you to customize your clips by selecting your preferences from a list. You can even have a choice about your delivery date and whether the clip is exclusive to you only.

To order a custom clip, just visit the Custom Clips page here on my site.


Just smoked my last cigarette. I will have to do without til my roomie gets home in about 9 hours. Luckily I have my vape but it is not the same. I powersmoked my last cig.. An American Spirit... And got such a buzz I almost fell over. I have not gotten a rush like that for years. Needless to say powersmoking American Spirits is definitely something I will be doing again.


I am terrible about emptying my ashtray.

I usually end up spilling it all over the floor, much to the consternation of my roommate. In fact, as I write this, there are about forty cigarette butts with attendant ash on the floor in between my futon and the little chest of drawers next to it that I need to clean up. I mean, this happens on a regular basis. It's not even a shock anymore.


Brands I Like

Virginia Slims 120s are elegant, long, and sensual cigarettes that I really enjoy. Marlboro Red 100s, with their cork filters, are strong and bold, and good for those times when you just have to be bad. Those two brands are my stand-by's, but I can be fickle...

Eve 120s are a nice change but really hard to find. Same goes for More 120s and Saratogas - I haven't seen a pack of More cigarettes in at least a decade. Fantasia can be fun because of the colors (when you can find them, that is), but the taste is not as good at the regular Nat Shermans, which are stylish in their own right. Parliaments are classic and work if you're in a Lilo kind of mood (I won't speculate on what that mood might be). American Spirit are awesome because they don't have chemicals and are more sustainable than your average smoke. Lucky Strike Unfiltered have a certain nostalgia ("Have a Lucky instead of a sweet!"), but are best smoked in a holder so you don't get loose tobacco on your lips and tongue. Newport Reds are a nice bold cork filtered change of pace. And Capri 120s are cute in a Hello Kitty pencil set sort of way.

Just off the top of my head.