Nicotine Deprivation Redux

I have 3 Virginia Slims left. And NO other cigarettes. And i have no way to get to the store. (I don’t have a car unfortunately, and I’m too broke for Lyft). This is what the first concentric circle of the Inferno looks like. AKA HELL. TOTAL AND COMPLETE HELL. I am so addicted. How addicted are you, Annie? I am so addicted that I have scoured ashtrays to see if there are any butts with a little drag or two left in them. BUT. I smoke them to the filter generally speaking, so guess who is out of luck? That’s right. Will I survive the day, or will I crumble into a million nicotine-needing pieces? My brain is being deprived of important nicotine and my lungs are being deprived of important smoke. This is not fun. But oh, when I get those cigarettes - I am going to smoke my fucking face off.