Dos Clips

There are two new clips featured on the front page - One is VS 120 chainsmoking, and the other is a More 120 smoke in a low-cut leather dress and short black leather gloves (loads of cleavage in that one). 

I am reconsidering the version of "My Smoky Day" I am currently editing. I'm not happy with it. It does not live up to the vision I had, so I want to do it over. But I might release the 37 minutes I have edited it down to as just hey, here is 37 minutes of candid smoking in different lighting situations! Or I may cannibalize it and edit it down to the juicy hot smokiest bits instead. But yeah. I am going to redo the vid cause I really want to concept and the actual video to match in quality and content (plus I think I just want an excuse to smoke a lot).