Sorry Im a Rollercoaster

Im inconsistent. But holy shit i really hope i am worth the wait. Because i get very behind in emails and other tasks when my brain isnt working right. And at the end of the month im hustlin' and on the struggle so my focus tunnelvisions to that (and smoking way more than i can afford) and i lose track of correspondence im supposed to return or ideas for videos i had or really any fucking marketing in general which i desperately need. Believe it or dont but trying to market my work is one of the most difficult obstacles that i cant seem to scale. If only i had a marketing manager that, like, worked for free.

Im a bit herbal so i forget where i was going with all that. 

Wait. I got it again. I was trying to say im sorry i suck so hardcore at these tasks. I can only do my best. And i will do my best to catch up as soon as i am clearer and a bit less nuts. 

We good?