I hate when i pay bills and i have hardly anything left for cigarettes. Bummer. Makes me smoke more. Not productive but hey. Extra nicotine is always required in times of stress. Which makes this all the more difficult.

I probably dont have any butts in the ashtray with a drag left in them. It did occur to me to rummage through. Instead i just eyeballed the hell out of it and nope.  i am shooting again tomorrow and need to conserve what i have for then. So in other words i think tonight may suck quite a bit.

Visions of rolling around on a bed covered in lots and lots of packs are playing out in my mind right now. I guess unless they were soft packs itd be not very comfortable but fuck it, you have to live in the moment and how could you NOT roll around on a bed just COVERED WITH CIGARETTES? 

I mean, seriously.