An Ashtray is a Bird's Nest

No, I have not finally snapped.

I heard on a podcast yesterday that city birds use smoked cigarette butts to help build their nests. They interweave the fiber along with the other nest materials, sometimes using several dozen butts. And the baby birds in these nests are among the healthiest city birds, because the nicotine in the spent butts protects the babies from ticks and mites. Vets say any health detriment is far outweighed by the benefits of this practice.

Pretty fucking neat, right?

So don't throw your butts on the ground - where they will contaminate the ground water and sting the roots of the plants and trees. Put them instead in an outdoor ashtray and let the birdies do their thing. Then you can say, Hey! I contributed to nature and all I had to do was be exceedingly addicted to nicotine!

Because silver linings.