So I have a lot of clips. Around 2,500 so far. And I was thinking maybe I would go thru them and cherry-pick some to put in a new section dedicated to archival clips. There is a lot of variety there and different looks, brands, styles, etc. Most clips are before I got my teeth fixed, which makes me look either exotic, or like some "twisted kicks", depending on your own subjective viewpoint. Anyway - is this idea of having older clips in the store intriguing to anyone? Think I should do it?

I think I may do it. At least a few to test drive the idea. But I am interested in your thoughts. 

I still completely fucking suck at email. I'm sorry, I really am. The last few days I have been pretty stressed out, and today was all about being sick, so I still haven't gotten back with everyone who has been kind enough to contact me. Laptop issues are a big drag, too.

Hmmm. Big drag. Good idea. Don't mind if I do.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!