No matter how tired or spaced out or (fictionally speaking of course) high I am, there is always within me enough energy to keep smoking. This is particularly evident when I am drinking slash drunk. Boy oh boy does that ever increase the amount smoked. I love bars that are kind enough to still provide a cigarette machine - there are a few left - because invariably i will need to feed some change into it and pull a knob or press some buttons and wait for my prize to fall down onto the catching tray in the carcinogenic version of Gumball Machine Fun. If only they also gave out decoder rings. Or Bic lighters. Have you noticed that the cheap no name lighters suck but Bic delivers consistent quality time and again? It's very true.

No, i am not stoned. In theory.

Anyway. I am about to light up a short Marlboro Special Blend Gold which - while a mouthful - is a damn yummy smoke and i am currently very fond of it.  tonight i taped two of them together at the filter with a little scotch tape and did a dangling multiple vid which will eventually find its way into the store.

Also? Strongbow Orange Blossom cider is even better than the Cherry Blossom. Straight up yum plus a nice little buzz.  Goes well with nearly any tobacco blend (or otherwise).

And smoking after a pastry is bliss.