Out of Marlboro Red 100s and just smoked my last VS 120. Breaking into a pack of Marlboro Special Blend Gold 100s. After that it is time to forage.

I wish there were a cigarette delivery service. Once I tried to get Postmates to bring me cigarettes and they REFUSED. Terrible. I mean, they deliver alcohol but not tobacco. I can understand not delivering like, FIREARMS or something, but they deliver stuff like ice cream and that will kill you too in excess. Plus sitting is worse than smoking, said a commercial I recently saw (important things are always announced in Varidesk ads, in case you were unaware). So add that to the equation and Postmates is promoting both constant sitting and the consumption of sugar with relative impunity. But somehow stopping at a 7-Eleven for me is a bridge too far.

Obviously my argument here is fallacious as hell. But my opinion remains firm: there needs to be a cigarette delivery service (and one for weed, too, as long as I am tossing coins into the Wishing Well of Impossibility) . Because I would appreciate very much any enabling of my intense and neverending addiction, and if some of that enabling could come in delivery form, why, that'd just be peachy. It is (literally) a pipe dream, i know. But still. CRAVINGS, man.

Yeah, okay, that's my break. Time to go back to the Salt Mines aka my horrendous laptop. If only I could learn to love frustration and the feeling of the walls closing in, I'd be having a grand old time.

Instead, this really sucks. Hard. So that is exactly how I am dragging on my cigarettes. Hard AF (stomps foot for emphasis) .

So hello, Special Blends.