chaining spirits

chaining american spirits while i edit my clips… no big plans for xmas so there’s no last minute stuff to do… i just shot clips all day and smoked yummy virginia slims 120s and marlboro gold selects 100s… one of the clips is 17 minutes long but is too big for this site, so i had to cut it into 2 clips…but you can watch them back to back and get the full experience that way… im kinda spacey cause im on a nicotine high and also it ain’t easy bein’ green haha and two of those things together is pretty cool but also pretty knock-you-on-your-ass strong. it’s nice af. i have to dangle while im typing and im getting ash all over the keyboard just so i can type banal stuff that is probably boring the fuck out of you, so i’m gonna shut up now and just post a couple more pics instead.