2 more new clips

Natural American Spirit Yellow, that’s what my pack says today…I have a pack of Virginia Slims 120s open by my side as well, and then a pack of Marlboro Red shorts in the freezer. You may or may not know how I like keeping cigarettes in the freezer. I can’t even explain why it’s fun to open an icy pack and light up a nice cold Red or 120 or whatever, there are a lot of brands I like. But yeah, today is American Spirit time.. I really like the mellow flavor of their tobacco and I like the no additives thing, since I already am full of additives, taking like 10 medications a day and shit.


I put up a couple of new clips - a More 120 clip and a Red clip - and more clips are on the way, some Virginia Slims clips and more Reds clips, and even a chainsmoking clip and a multiples clip. Go have a peek ;)