Nicotine's Captive

Smoking begets more smoking. Shoot days are much smokier than other days which kicks off a cycle of constant craving, constant needing, an ache that demands to be relieved, a hunger that demands to be fed. So before you know it, there are 4 empty packs on the floor, with every single cell of your being screaming demands for more more more fucking more...

Holding the smoke deep also contributes to an uptick in smoke intake. Getting every last bit of nicotine and thus feeding the addiction harder and stronger so it just gets bigger and bigger and harder to satisfy. 

And the feel of pulling hard on a cigarette, the way it feels to dangle, to snap inhale a white cotton ball of smoke... These things also add to the ache and the craving and the complete and total addiction. 

What do you wonder about this addiction? What details do you find yourself curious about? And in your opinion is there a 'best' way to feed and grow it?