Ridiculous "Truth"

You have probably seen the commercials by "Truth".org by now... They have been running ad nauseum for years - as if everyone is part of a mindless sheep herd and never thinks about marketing techniques.

Nevermind that all other marketing of all other products can also be dissected and spun to appear calculated and nefarious. I mean, isnt ALL marketing calculating and nefarious? Yep. 

But what really irks me is this campaign regarding the mentally ill being targeted by Big Tobacco. Because Truth cares SO MUCH about the mentally ill, amirite?  

Maybe the mentally ill would not be so primed for smoking if 1. Their brain chemistry were actually proper and 2. Doctors actually helped the mentally ill instead of treating them like human garbage and denying them the proper medication. 

I have had doctors refuse to give me ANTI-psychotic medicine (which at a certain point, say the onset of psychosis, becomes less of a "me" problem and instead turns into an "everybody" problem, if you get my drift). I have never had someone refuse to sell me smokes. Both things - meds and cigs - impact the dopamine system among others.

If a cigarette is the difference between a full-on freakout and relative peace, who the fuck is Truth to put their nose into the issue? 

Spurious logic, I am sure, but then again, dont fuck with a psychotic's creature comforts - comfort being the operative word here - unless you aim to do something better for them. 

"Truth", but apparently not the WHOLE truth. Like here is something: why exactly are they doing this? Who is behind Truth? Chantix? Nicorette? Do not tell me that in this era there is a large organization that is just doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. Who funds their commercials and why? I think that information should prove quite interesting and shed a little more "truthy" light on this subject.