Shooting today... It is verrrry smoky in here and I have the most glorious nicotine rush... I always seem to smoke lots more when I take my klonopin... I wonder is it because I'm more relaxed or if it's cause I am loopy as fuck.?

Wow that took a lot longer to type than it should have. I think then that the answer to my question is Loopy AF. Cause come to think of it herbal enticements and distilled spirits also have the effect of ramping up my Chimney Quotient, like, exponentially. Total snowball effect.

I have already had so many cigarettes in such a short time that my tongue has Scorched Earth Syndrome. But it isnt really bothering me because aforementioned loopiness. Damn, i should operate under THESE guidelines more often. 

i am taking a break from shooting because i have to charge my camera, so i am still in the catsuit and i am listening to a podcast while i have a breaksmoke. Which is smoking during breaks from shooting. I am alternating between Virginia Slims 120s and those strong-ass Marlboro Red 100s. It is a very yummy blend. I only wish i had a few more Marlboro no 27s and also their Special Blend 100s..and some red pack Mores, some Kamel Reds, some. full strength Benson and Hedges, some Fantasias, some Nat Sherman Black and Gold, and some filterless Lucky Strikes maybe. Ha, at first that was just going to be a short list of 2 or 3 brands but I got way into it. There are other brands i want but these are the ones i want right now for various reasons. Oh, and a good flavored cigar or Black and Mild. Black and Mild used to make an apple flavor that was sooo good but i can never find it anymore.

The 120 im smoking now is SO incredibly fucking yummy it is almost otherwordly. Holding the smoke in my lungs for about five seconds every time i take a drag, well, that is not making the process less enjoyable - take my smoked-up loopy af word for it.

Holy fuck... So very good, makes me wanna smoke 30 more right now, one after another. Ah, cigarette fantasies...