Smoking in the News

So apparently Indiana is moving to make it legal to fire smokers from their jobs - even if they don't smoke at work.

This is crazy. And what do they expect smokers to do? People have to work. Also, Mike Pence outlawed vaping in the entire state before he skipped off to D.C. - so forget THAT nicotine supplying system as an emergency backup. 

Obligatory Conspiracy Theory: Nicorette is behind this! Nah, but it is kinda wacky that practically every other nicotine product is being banned except THAT kind. Then again perhaps it is Big Pharma and Chantix (which features the groovy side effect duo of anger and suicidal ideation) that are getting ready to move in on Indiana for the big push. Sorta makes me envision this bleak Atwood-esque dystopia where all vices and basically Fun Itself are outlawed and everyone is medicated just enough to serve the system but never enough to actually enjoy anything. Bleak. Also, blech.

Anyway. Remind me to avoid Indiana. I might spontaneously combust if I get anywhere near that place.