Check this out

So I changed the filter in my air purifier (a heavy smoker's requirement when sharing living space with non-smoking roomies) and just LOOK at this damn thing...


If my filter looks like that, just imagine what my LUNGS look like! Amirite? 

In other news I will be shooting more new clips tomorrow. Featured brands planned are VS 120s, Marlboro Reds, and perhaps a More 120 or two. There may also be leather. And of course the prerequisite copious cleavage (say THAT three times fast). 

Great big props and thank yous to the folks coming to my site and keeping up with my smoking antics! Thank you for the support!  It means a LOT and encourages me to keep on with my clip creation.

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Have a great evening (or day, depending where you are browsing from)! 


- Annie 🚬📹