Editing more clips today... thank you to the people who have purchased them, I'm grateful for the support and I appreciate the awesome feedback I'm getting. I want to make my clips even better but there are financial constraints, basically I have nothing to put into it moneywise. It would take probably $300 to really do a lot of improving (audio assistance, set dressing, lighting, etc) - I could make that go a long way. Though that idea is elusive to me at the moment, I am going to continue to try my best to improve my videos in ways that are available to me.

Anyway. I just tried American Spirit Orange. I freaking ADORE these. They are white filter and rather delightful. A mild and mellow smoke that would go well with dessert or a Frappucino. That's how I'd "style' them, to borrow from the fashion lexicon. 

Also, how have I never tried the Virginia Slims 120 Silver Pack? Oh, that's gonna change.

Found some smoking stories I was apparently working on at some point which had completely slipped my mind, so I may pick them back up at some point and do something with them. I smoke a lot when I write, it's very easy to lose track, especially when i'm on a roll typing and so am dangling the cigarette so both hands are free. Cigarettes seem to go faster when I dangle them. It's as if the cigarette between my lips is so convenient and my lips' autopilot is kinda set to DRAG when there is a cigarette in them, so, yeah, you get what I'm saying. It's like when you drink with a straw, you tend to drink faster because the process of drinking has been streamlined a little for you. Same with dangling - hey, it's an expeditious way to smoke!

Not to say I dont enjoy a long, slow, relaxed smoke. Those have a place as well.  I mean, it's all good.

Ok, back to work with me. Here's a still from what i'm working on at this moment.