30 out of 60

So Friday, I think it was, there was one hour where every time I lit up, I turned on the camera. There are some parts where I smoke as usual and some where I dangle while I am messing with my phone, there are different brands, there is a mini-sesh... I need to count how many cigarettes I ended up smoking but basically half the time I was smoking, because I ended up with 30 minutes of pure dragging and inhaling and exhaling (and in many cases snapping too).

So once again I have a video that is too big filesize-wise to put on the site. It's 30 minutes and $20 via Paypal or Amazon Gift Card if you would like to purchase. Just send the amount to paypal.me/annievox or the Amazon card to my email, smokingsiren at gmail dot com, and put in the notes its for the 30 minute clip, and I will send you a download link.