It occurs to me that some people may not want to purchase clips with Paypal due to privacy concerns. While I will never sell your information or use it in any other way whatsoever, I want to offer another payment option just for a little extra peace of mind. I am pretty sure that giving an Amazon gift card only gives the info you want it to (like sender's name - which probably can be just your first name or something - and a gift message).

So yeah. If you would like to pay with an Amazon gift card instead of Paypal, contact me with the names of the clips you want (or even the links to the clip's individual page to avoid confusion, if you feel so inclined) and we can tally up a total and I can upload the clips you purchase to Google Drive for easy downloading.

I am thinking about offering smaller sized versions of clips optimized for mobile phone. I wonder if this would be a welcomed option. If you have feedback about this, please let me know your thoughts.