In a strange and unlikely series of events, my lighter, a Bic, just landed head first into my Diet Coke.

R.I.P. my latest Bic. I barely knew ye. 



Now I have to tear my apartment apart in search of another lighter, lest I be pitiously reduced to lighting my cigarettes on the stove. And as far as I know, no stove option exists for a water pipe sesh. So I really need to find another one somewhere.

I need to buy them in bulk, really. Bics only though. Because those generic lighters are horrible. 

I wouldnt mind having a nice Zippo if I knew how to fill them. Otherwise I would love one of those new USB lighters. BUT again I think a sesh with those is out of the question, and no sesh? Perish that thought.

Maybe my roommate has an extra lighter squirrelled away somewhere. Wish me luck!