Found some American Spirits I uncharacteristically (for cigarettes anyway) lost track of, and my brain is so very much nicer now. I cannot wait to get my hands on some Reds and 120s, however.

Who saw the awesome scene between David Lynch and Laura Dern on last week's Twin Peaks? Gordon Cole was so adorable looking at Diane's cigarette, then looking at Diane, then at her cigarette, then back at Diane, for what feels like an eternity. See, Gordon Cole is a reformed smoker and is dying for a drag. Spoiler alert: he gives in to the temptation and takes a drag from Diane's cigarette. It was a fabulous scene on more than a few levels, and very deftly played.

Frankly one of many reasons I have a special sentimental fondness for American Spirits is because that's what David Lynch smokes.  But who am I kidding? I am not exactly known for my strong brand loyalty.

I could have a signature brand, I suppose... But the variety is a lot of fun. And I am all ADHD. So brand hopping is the natural way of things for me. It suits my inconsistent personality. 

Here is a completely non-related picture: