That's Life

So I have a little under a pack of American Spirit Orange left, and nothing else. And I have not eaten anything today and won't, and won't buy any new cigarettes, because I am flat broke. Oh, well. If you'd like to contribute to the cig fund, here's the link. Donors today will get a coupon code for a free HD clip as a thank you.

In other news, I will be uploading new clips soon. I have one that is 23 minutes of chainsmoking, but the file is way too big for the server (the server only allows files up to 300MB). So I can't upload that one. BUT. If you want it, you can contact me and we can arrange to do it via a Drive upload or something. It's 23 minutes and if you buy it here, you can get all 23 minutes for $14 (on my other clip sites it is $23) AND I will even throw in a SECOND albeit shorter chainsmoking video as a bonus! Here's a still from the 23 minute clip: