You know...

When you work really hard to make something good and the response is tepid - like, no one buys the thing you made, for example - it kinda makes you think that what you make sucks and maybe you should just stop.

Should i just stop? 

I have been doing this for 16 years on and off and i have yet to have a month where im not wracked with anxiety about bills and also I have yet to feel like i am even a part of this "community" or that i have even made anything worthwhile ever. When you are broke and struggling and no one is buying your clips it does not foster the idea that you are on the right path. 

Rather, it makes you feel like nothing you have done nor will ever do has any worth at all.  $4 is not exactly a budget buster but apparently that amount is still higher than my perceived value.

And if what i do, what i create, isnt worth anything, and no one is interested, and i cant even pay my bills, then really, what am i doing? Why continue?