I wish I had about $500 to make my clips really awesome by getting some new set pieces going. New backdrops, lights, an area rug, some wall decor... The kind of stuff that would make my clips so much prettier, and that quite honestly would inspire me to be much more creative and also shoot more clips. A freshening up of the tiny environment I shoot in would be so nice.

And then reality sets in. I can barely keep the roof over my head. My pipe dream about sprucing things up to go with the new Hd improvement in quality is just that: a pipe dream. Which reminds me that I also need a new pipe/bong, and I can't afford that, either. Fuck me running.

Lighting up (a Red) and feeling down. That's my Friday. 


Unretouched photos (my photos arent retouched.. I dont have photoshop) from yesterday's shoot.