Angry smoking

So I am doing some Angry Smoking(tm) right now. What, you may ask, is Angry Smoking, Annie? Well, dear reader, I'm glad you asked. It is smoking in lieu of fucking strangling someone.

Just to clarify: I am not a "professional" model. No one pays me to model or do photo shoots. No one else shoots pics and videos of me - EVER. Every single thing you see on this site? That's me. I did that. Alone. No one "helped" me do my site or create content. The pictures and videos you see here are MY ART, and to assume that if it looks good then I did not do it is to labor under a delusion. I deserve credit for my work. I may not deserve compliments - that is a subjective matter - but there is no denying whose work it is you see.

It is my work. To say that someone else must have done it is rather sexist. 

To put it mildly. 

I need another fucking cigarette.