I hear you...

...and I am working on a way for you to hear me. 

My new focus as far as video quality goes is going to be audio. I know that audio is an integral part of the experience and so I am striving to bring quality audio into my videos. It is a challenge as my apartment has serious "room tone", but on the bright side it means even more smoking because hey, gotta experiment, yeah?

I also want to spruce up the scenery around here but as that takes do-re-mi-money, well, that will have to wait for the if and the when I have any. It wont take much, though, is the bright side of that.

Completely non-sequitur, I once owned a Camel standup ashtray. It must have been sturdy AF or perhaps I was less klutzy, because I don't recall knocking it over, which happens with my ashtray NOW but interestingly ONLY when it is full - though admittedly it does stay pretty full, because the supply of stubbed out filters and ash gets constantly replenished, so knocking it over when it's full is sorta like shooting fish in a barrel.

In other news, nicotine is a nootropic. So that means my cigarettes are like practically smart drugs, right? ;)