So I am shooting more new clips... Which means that today is 420 and now some Marlboro Black which are BEYOND FUCKING GOOD which is nice cause I am smoking a LOT of them. 

Someone said my custom videos are too expensive. But usually it takes a day to set up shoot and edit one. A day where i cant make my regular clips or do other work. So its not just a price for the clip, it is a price for my time. Of course some people may not view my time as valuable but it is and as a smoker it is also BORROWED so when you factor in that consideration and also the fact that I am endangering my health in irreparable ways the price is actually pretty reasonable. Plus I am negotiable. 

If anyone has any ideas about how I can support myself while providing inexpensive or free content to my audience I would be seriously interested in what you have to say. I cant continue on as I am now for very much longer, I dont think. But I want to keep creating art and I need to pay my bills. I have to find a solution somehow.

And can I mention were I not always so stressed over this question of livelihood the quality of my videos would grow exponentially. 

I put a lot of work in yet because it is artistic somewhat it is assumed it takes no work. But running the site and all the acvounts and constantly creating and processing new content requires significant effort. Effort that I should actually get back to instead of sitting here smoking wishing things were better and different.

Hmm. What to shoot next?  

You can always send your clip suggestions via the contact form or to my email address.

oh! And i still have a project I am planning. Its going to be pretty neat if i can get it funded.

Btw. if you happen to be interested in being a patron of my smoking art please email me.

Ok back to shooting and even more smoking...