There is no comparison to that rush, that insistent and sexy buzz you get from the first puff of a new cigarette. It can be even nicer if, say, you keep your unopened packs in the freezer, so that first hit is a giddy mixture of hot and cold. A fresh cigarette from the freezer beats the heat, baby. You can also put your panties in the freezer, as Marilyn Monroe famously suggested. Cold panties and a frosty cigarette paired with, oh I don't know, a white mocha frappucino? Oh my. Caffeine and nicotine and cool fabric. Sign me up. Of course I just mean cool panties. Not frozen. I'm not THAT foolhardy, and hey, my parts don't have membership in the Polar Bear Club. Besides, once I light up everything will be getting hotter... The cigarette will be heating up, the frappucino melting... You get the drift. How the hell did I start talking about frozen panties, anyway? Oh yeah. Frozen cigarettes. They are supposed to stay fresher that way. It could be an old wive's tale, sure. But I am telling you definitively that a cold cigarette is absolutely yummy. And with summer coming up, that is something worth knowing. I mean, it is, right? ;)

Yeah. I know. Anyway. Here is a picture: