Chainsmoke Central

Ahhh... Finally! I am in possession of several yummy packs. I stayed up all night chainsmoking, so grateful was I to finally have that nicotine racing thru my veins and hitting my brain. Virginia Slims 120s and American Spirits are on the menu. I would love to be able to branch out and get like a carton's worth of different brands. To my regular rotation I would add: Misty 120, Newport Reds, Saratoga if I could find them, Nat Sherman, Fantasia if I could find them, some Marlboro Red and Marlboro Black, maybe some Pall Mall for old time's sake, and something I do not usually smoke, maybe Parliaments. Hell, maybe I would even get some Kamel Reds. And some mini cigarillos. Perhaps even a pack of cloves. I want to go on a cigarette shopping spree! I want to walk into a tobacco store and just start pointing: I will take these and these and some of those and also this and hey can you throw in a new water pipe while you're at it? Some cherry blunt wraps perhaps? And a nice new ashtray. Sounds. Heavenly.

But I cannot be doing that at the moment. So I am making more clips in hopes that my Smoking Art will support my Smoking Life. 

Here is a picture from last night messing with the camera: