Tidied up my wishlist a bit over at Amazon, you can peek by clicking this sentence. There is probably entirely too much makeup in there. And several pairs of boots. I already have several pairs of boots. And yet. These other boots are just so delicious. And it's just a wishlist anyway, so if I didn't wish a little then there'd be little point. It's fun.

I found some really cool lighting setups that I stashed in my list as well. I hope to be able to save up and get one of them, maybe the one that includes the backdrop and the overhead light. That would be, for lack of a more original phrase, a game-changer.

I also have my eye on a new camera. Right now I'm using my phone, which has a great camera but little storage space and so is impractical for doing clips with audio or for doing longer clips. So it would be freeing to be able to do, say, a ten minute clip with audio. THAT would be progress indeed.