1. Now thru Christmas Eve, you can get half off of clips by using the code FLASH at checkout!

2. Are there certain clips you are dying to see? Let me know via the Contact page and I will keep your ideas in mind during upcoming shoots. 

3. I have downright sucked at correspondence lately. My brain has been a little fried from the kitty medical drama. Yep, the stress did result in an uptick in my daily smoking total. Something about smoking just really chills ya out during those tense moments... But I probably don't have to tell *you* that ;- ) Anyway, I really appreciate your patience. Hopefully things will simmer down in the stress dept and I can reply soon. My mind has just been all over the place. In other words, I am sorry I suck, but appreciate your emails very much nonetheless. Thanks so much for your interest and your support!

4. I will post a link soon where you'll be able to peruse the smoking bondage clips and add them to your cart if you wish. And if you want these, grab them before Christmas Eve so you can snag that 50 percent discount. Because hey, who *doesn't* want a bondage smoking Xmas? ;)

5. Is it really true that American Spirits have the highest nicotine content? I have read this, and I think I might call them to verify. Speaking of Spirits, they used to have a deal where they'd send you an ENTIRE CARTON to get you to try them. They probably stopped doing this, but you know I am gonna be asking about that, because FREE CARTON MAYBE. And that is a great big YUM. I have to light up immediately at the mere thought.  A whole carton? Oh, the luxury! The ease on the addled mind... because as a smoker I always have a place reserved in my brain for exactly how many cigarettes I have left and the urgent feeling when I am running low is a special kind of agonizing anxiety, the tyoe that I imagine every addict feels about their drug of choice.

6. I have added some new clips to the HD clips page and more are on the way. 

7. Mike Pence outlawed vaping as governor of Indiana, but did you know he once authored a pro-smoking essay which underscored how cigs are *not* dangerous? I thought this was interesting trivia and worth sharing. 

Smoke 'em if ya got em...