Controversial Clips

Happy Sunday! And what better subject for this "day of rest" than forced smoking?

I have recently been going through my archives, an arduous process since there are only, oh, around 1700 clips to peruse, and I am finding a LOT of forced smoking.... Singles, doubles, ball gags, tape gags, leather muzzles and bound wrists... There is quite a selection. And so I thought I would inquire if this is material you would like to see available on this site. 

If there is an interest in these clips, i will set up a page expressly for them. Let me know if this is something you would enjoy. You can drop me an email using the contact form, or if you would rather, just leave a comment on this post (that is, if i set it up correctly.)

Failing that, just click the heart on this post to vote for forced smoking content availability. It is quick, anonymous, and makes your voice heard.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the weekend! I know I will - I am going cigarette shopping today. Yay!