Brands I Like

Virginia Slims 120s are elegant, long, and sensual cigarettes that I really enjoy. Marlboro Red 100s, with their cork filters, are strong and bold, and good for those times when you just have to be bad. Those two brands are my stand-by's, but I can be fickle...

Eve 120s are a nice change but really hard to find. Same goes for More 120s and Saratogas - I haven't seen a pack of More cigarettes in at least a decade. Fantasia can be fun because of the colors (when you can find them, that is), but the taste is not as good at the regular Nat Shermans, which are stylish in their own right. Parliaments are classic and work if you're in a Lilo kind of mood (I won't speculate on what that mood might be). American Spirit are awesome because they don't have chemicals and are more sustainable than your average smoke. Lucky Strike Unfiltered have a certain nostalgia ("Have a Lucky instead of a sweet!"), but are best smoked in a holder so you don't get loose tobacco on your lips and tongue. Newport Reds are a nice bold cork filtered change of pace. And Capri 120s are cute in a Hello Kitty pencil set sort of way.

Just off the top of my head.