20 Minutes of Chainsmoking

I did a twenty minute chaining clip where I smoke a VS 120 and then 3 Special Blend white filter 100s in a row. However, the file is too big and goes over the limit that my host has set for file uploads. 

So I am offering this through the blog.  If you Paypal $12 using Paypal.me/annievox and add in the notes that this is for the chainsmoking clip, I will send you the link to download. Please know that this, unlike site clip download links, will not be an instantaneous process. I will have to see your email and manually send you the link. It is not an automated process unfortunately. But I will keep a close eye on my email and try to do this as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Here is a still from the clip:



So I have a lot of clips. Around 2,500 so far. And I was thinking maybe I would go thru them and cherry-pick some to put in a new section dedicated to archival clips. There is a lot of variety there and different looks, brands, styles, etc. Most clips are before I got my teeth fixed, which makes me look either exotic, or like some "twisted kicks", depending on your own subjective viewpoint. Anyway - is this idea of having older clips in the store intriguing to anyone? Think I should do it?

I think I may do it. At least a few to test drive the idea. But I am interested in your thoughts. 

I still completely fucking suck at email. I'm sorry, I really am. The last few days I have been pretty stressed out, and today was all about being sick, so I still haven't gotten back with everyone who has been kind enough to contact me. Laptop issues are a big drag, too.

Hmmm. Big drag. Good idea. Don't mind if I do.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!


New Clips

Finally got some new clips uploaded. They are, as usual, in the Latest Clips section (click to visit).

Here are a few of my favorites:

Ugh pt 12

I have spent this entire day trying to edit a single clip. There are cartoon anger tornadoes over my head right now.

Usually I get all clips from a shoot edited in about a day, day and a half. This single clip is not even finished yet. I would be pulling my hair out over this but i do not think I can pull off bald. at least not on top. So im chainsmoking but the supply is quickly dwindling and at the rate things are going...well, the sentence doesnt end well.

This post is full of suck. Sorry about that. 


Out of Marlboro Red 100s and just smoked my last VS 120. Breaking into a pack of Marlboro Special Blend Gold 100s. After that it is time to forage.

I wish there were a cigarette delivery service. Once I tried to get Postmates to bring me cigarettes and they REFUSED. Terrible. I mean, they deliver alcohol but not tobacco. I can understand not delivering like, FIREARMS or something, but they deliver stuff like ice cream and that will kill you too in excess. Plus sitting is worse than smoking, said a commercial I recently saw (important things are always announced in Varidesk ads, in case you were unaware). So add that to the equation and Postmates is promoting both constant sitting and the consumption of sugar with relative impunity. But somehow stopping at a 7-Eleven for me is a bridge too far.

Obviously my argument here is fallacious as hell. But my opinion remains firm: there needs to be a cigarette delivery service (and one for weed, too, as long as I am tossing coins into the Wishing Well of Impossibility) . Because I would appreciate very much any enabling of my intense and neverending addiction, and if some of that enabling could come in delivery form, why, that'd just be peachy. It is (literally) a pipe dream, i know. But still. CRAVINGS, man.

Yeah, okay, that's my break. Time to go back to the Salt Mines aka my horrendous laptop. If only I could learn to love frustration and the feeling of the walls closing in, I'd be having a grand old time.

Instead, this really sucks. Hard. So that is exactly how I am dragging on my cigarettes. Hard AF (stomps foot for emphasis) .

So hello, Special Blends. 

Bitching and a Hair Question

I like this gif... I like the clip it comes from ... And i might want purple hair again... What do you think? Pink? Purple? Lighter blonde? 


in other news...editing is taking 40 fucking forevers. Im having a VS 120 at the moment to cope. Argh!! I am so frustrated. And i am going thru my smokes too fast because i could run out soon and probably will. I dont have a car so if this happens, there is exponentially more "argh!!" in my future.

Things are not looking so hot.

I can get the laptop to save and upload but each operation results in a crash that then requires reboots and diagnostics to get going again. And these crashes are happening after i do one single task or edit. I cannot get my work done. 

This is very depressing. Obviously i need to get my work done as my life is sort of arranged around eating, sleeping in a covered building, having electricity - luxuries like that. I am not employable because of severe mental illness. This is my one option, this site, this thing I do.  I am between a rock and a hard place with no knife to cut my stuck arm off.

Nicotine First Thing

Oh, goody. I have been waiting to unleash this clip on you. It is 10 minutes of a first morning smoke (that lasts three cigarettes). In it I actually speak! I do have a voice, it's true! The surprises never end around here, I'm tellin' ya. Anyway. I talk about how badly I need that first damn cigarette. I have on no makeup, I''m fresh off the futon ( I don't have an actual bed ). I even have my morning Doubleshot. If this sort of smoke appeals to you, well, this is your clip. And it's available in the Latest Clips section NOW.