I am sorry that I am behind in correspondence. I am very distracted by the situation with my kitty. I am very worried about her health and how the hell I will get her surgery. The vet bills are piling up and I am out of money so it is a tense situation.

Anyway I will try to get back with everyone as soon as I can, and I am really sorry about the delay. Thanks for your understanding. 


My cat Tinyhead has several abcessed teeth that are so bad her jawbone is visible when you look at her gums. She also has hyperthyroid which is sky high and which could prevent her from having surgery which she desperately needs. We desperately need donations for her vet bills so she won't die from things can that be fixed. If you can please help, visit: 

Thank you so much for anything you can donate. This is one of the sweetest cats ever and she really needs your help.


Production Values

Just wanted to drop a note here to let you know that I am striving to upgrade the "set", so to speak, meaning my tiny living space, so we don't have to keep looking at the same damned futon in every clip. I need to decorate and have options, even though I live in a matchbox. And also to get a good enough mic to do quality audio.

I am trying hard to save up so I can invest in making better clips; it is just slow going because rent, etc. But this is not to say it cannot be done! I am determined.

So yeah, I just wanted to note here that I am constantly pointed toward the goal of improving my clips. In case you wondered, you know, what was up with that.


From yesterday's shoot ^ 


So someone sent me a German Amazon gift card (I can only take U.S. Amazon gift cards) and I have no idea who sent this. I am concerned it was sent as a form of payment for clips and here I am with no idea where to send a code (or how to straighten out the country issue, for that matter). So if you happen to be the person who sent this please contact me. Thanks!

Controversial Clips

Happy Sunday! And what better subject for this "day of rest" than forced smoking?

I have recently been going through my archives, an arduous process since there are only, oh, around 1700 clips to peruse, and I am finding a LOT of forced smoking.... Singles, doubles, ball gags, tape gags, leather muzzles and bound wrists... There is quite a selection. And so I thought I would inquire if this is material you would like to see available on this site. 

If there is an interest in these clips, i will set up a page expressly for them. Let me know if this is something you would enjoy. You can drop me an email using the contact form, or if you would rather, just leave a comment on this post (that is, if i set it up correctly.)

Failing that, just click the heart on this post to vote for forced smoking content availability. It is quick, anonymous, and makes your voice heard.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the weekend! I know I will - I am going cigarette shopping today. Yay! 


Super sale!

Right now you can get 60% off all clips by using the code TREATYOSELF at checkout. Limited time only!

Not only that! If you make a Paypal donation of $50 or more I will DOUBLE your donation with a gift card good for clips. Use the gift card during this sale and get EVEN MORE SMOKING for a HUGE savings. So if you donate $100, you get a $200 gift card PLUS you can use it during the 60 percent off sale and get nearly THREE TIMES THE CLIPS!!

Thisis one of those "our prices are so low theyre INSANE!" deals. Hurry up and take advantage of these amazing savings NOW before the sale ends and add a bunch of new smoking clips to your permanent collection!

And yes this offer is good for the gift card payment option also. 

Happy downloading!! 


The harder you suck, the better it is! 

The harder you suck, the better it is!