coming soon

coming soon there will be a fun little smoking product you can get here. stay tuned for details. i love being a tease.

btw today i am smoking marlboro reds and american spirits gold. soooo good. i’m really sucking them down this morning, because i got up too early i think. also i think i am going back to bed. after another cig or three.


housecleaning coming soon - not LITERAL housecleaning, i’m not doing that fetish… what i mean is, i have to take down a bunch of the clips here to make room for new ones.. so if there are any you have your eye on and want to get, now is the time.

and hey, to see if anyone is even READING this, should i have a housecleaning sale to discount the clips before they leave the site?? what do you think, people who are not reading this blog? i’m curious to know.

Edit Smoke Mania

I just have to interject here that I am smoking my fucking face off. See, I’m editing and holy fuck, I cannot STOP. I’m having CRAVING UPON CRAVING UPON CRAVING and it just gets stronger and stronger and hotter and hotter… it’s really unbelievable. It’s also distracting and making it hard to do my work. It makes me want to have recess. But I have to get this done. I am very broke. Oh, the agony and the aching. This smoking is too fucking exciting, damn it.

A "New" Old Clip - Three Eve 120s

I’m going to be posting some archives… some of the first clips will be some of my multiples clips… the first such upload is below, Three Eve 120s at once - I enjoy the fuck out of these, I even hold them in my teeth as you can see. An entire Archive page coming soon!

Marlboro Gold Chat and Other New Clips

Just uploaded some new clips to the Newest Clips page (you can also find em on the front page), including a candid Marlboro Gold 100 smoke where I get chatty and also you can hear some of my drags and exhales (annnnd I cough, too, it’s a little loud, sorry). There are three other clips including a leather jacket clip as well.

Here’s the product link to the chatty clip and stills from the others :