2 New Chainsmoking Clips

Just uploaded 2 new chainsmoking clips - one with a Marlboro Smoke Break that’s nearly 10 minutes long, and one that is 4 Virginia Slims 120s in a row that is nearly 20 minutes long. Both are available in the Newest Clips section.

I have been chaining a TON lately. Stress is supergood for chaining. You start one cigarette and get lost in thought and that thought is well, stressful, and before you know it, your cigarette is gone, and it seems like you didn’t really get to enjoy it, because you were so busy stressing out. So you immediately have to light up a new cigarette because damn it, smoking is an enjoyable activity and you can’t just let it go by without a little pleasure. But then it’s just not enough, and yeah, you are still stressed. And before long, it is like this big bucket of addiction and missed pleasure from stress that you can’t get back that you keep chasing, and soon the ashtray is overflowing and your packs are empty and you are frantic AGAIN only this time it’s because you have no car and you are out of smokes and you are looking for a ride to the store because none of the butts in the ashtray have enough cigarette left on them to dig out to smoke. Because when you get desperate, this will sometimes happen. Yes. You are occasionally so hungry for nicotine that you will go into the full ashtray and snag a smoked, stubbed out cigarette that has a few drags left on it - miracle of miracles - and smoke THAT because damn it, if you don’t, you might just lose your fucking mind.

Whew. I got stressed just WRITING that. And now I need a CARTON of cigarettes.

Speaking of cartons, which are exceedingly hard to find and afford, I want some. Cartons, that is. How dreamy an idea THAT is. Oh, well. It’s a pipe dream, obviously.

2 more new clips

Natural American Spirit Yellow, that’s what my pack says today…I have a pack of Virginia Slims 120s open by my side as well, and then a pack of Marlboro Red shorts in the freezer. You may or may not know how I like keeping cigarettes in the freezer. I can’t even explain why it’s fun to open an icy pack and light up a nice cold Red or 120 or whatever, there are a lot of brands I like. But yeah, today is American Spirit time.. I really like the mellow flavor of their tobacco and I like the no additives thing, since I already am full of additives, taking like 10 medications a day and shit.


I put up a couple of new clips - a More 120 clip and a Red clip - and more clips are on the way, some Virginia Slims clips and more Reds clips, and even a chainsmoking clip and a multiples clip. Go have a peek ;)

The Menthol Problem - HELP!

So the FDA is going to ban menthol cigarettes. In like, a week or so. I need to start hoarding menthol cigarettes. But I do not have the funds to start hoarding menthol cigarettes.


If you can possibly help, PLEASE help!!! I need help IMMEDIATELY with getting as MANY packs of menthol cigarettes as I can. PLEASE contribute to the cause! Even $5 makes a difference! That is one whole pack of menthols! The lungs you fill may be my own!

Here’s how to help: You can send your contribution in ANY amount by visiting Paypal.me/annievox - be sure to put MENTHOL in the notes so I know that you are contributing to the Menthol Cause.

This is the ONLY way that I will be able to continue to smoke any menthol cigarettes … forever. PLEASE HELP! My lungs need that mentholated nicotine!

Six New Clips Up

There are six new clips up with VS 120s and Marlboro Special Blend Corks with more clips on the way in the Featured Clips section …

It is less expensive to get your clips here at this site than at my C4S studio? It’s true! You can save at least $1 and often $2-$3 on each clip by purchasing your downloads directly from this site. If you prefer C4S you can still get my clips from my C4S studio if you prefer, but I wanted to make sure you know that you have this option. :)

Anyway, here’s a still from one of the new uploads and also a sneak preview of one of the brand new videos that is on the way soon…


Up too late

i’m supposed to be in bed already but i can’t stop smoking from these two packs i got today of marlboro special select gold 100s, one after the other, i just got them around 4pm and already one pack is toast and another quarter of a pack is also the crispy style bread. i will have to arrange to get a ride in the morning to get more asap. i am anxious as hell and will probably take a klonopin (which means more smoking)… it looks like i’m going to be up for a while. i think i will make a cocktail to go with my cigarettes.


New clip up with more on the way…

sorry I’ve been scarce lately, been having a particularly rough time. I post on my personal twitter but that’s because I try to put up a good front. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but i try anyway. we’ll see.

anyhow, here’s a still from the clip i just posted…and i posted three new vs 120 clips the other day…new vs 120 clips are forthcoming later today incl ones in glasses and nightie…more soon..happy Saturday…xx