Up too late

i’m supposed to be in bed already but i can’t stop smoking from these two packs i got today of marlboro special select gold 100s, one after the other, i just got them around 4pm and already one pack is toast and another quarter of a pack is also the crispy style bread. i will have to arrange to get a ride in the morning to get more asap. i am anxious as hell and will probably take a klonopin (which means more smoking)… it looks like i’m going to be up for a while. i think i will make a cocktail to go with my cigarettes.


New clip up with more on the way…

sorry I’ve been scarce lately, been having a particularly rough time. I post on my personal twitter but that’s because I try to put up a good front. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but i try anyway. we’ll see.

anyhow, here’s a still from the clip i just posted…and i posted three new vs 120 clips the other day…new vs 120 clips are forthcoming later today incl ones in glasses and nightie…more soon..happy Saturday…xx


Early Smoking Memories Clip

Yesterday I shot a 15 minute clip with stories from my early smoking history... it just figures that it is too big a file to upload here. 

So, if this is a clip you'd like to purchase, visit Paypal.me/annievox and send $10 with "15 min Clip" in the notes section, and I will email you a sharedrive link to download it. (This is a manual process - I am in the Eastern Time Zone so there will be hours where I will be sleeping, so if I do not immediately reply that's what's up and I will send it as soon as I wake up, which is frequently so I can smoke)

Three New Clips Including a Talky One

Just uploaded 3 new clips on the front page including a talky one where I smoke Reds and tell a story about accidentally setting myself on fire ;)

More forthcoming... I'm currently out and JONESING and awaiting the very moment when I can fill my lungs up once again with thick creamy smoke.


OH - and the 25% off sale ends in two days on 8/26 so grab some clips while the grabbin' is hot!

Questions for you

So if I were to create DVDs with nice cases and so forth that featured an hour's worth of clips, and the retail price was around $15.99 plus shipping - is that something that you would be interested in? And if so, should the DVDs be themed? Thanks in advance for any input you care to give! :)

ALSO: are there any smoking questions you would like me to answer in future videos? If so, feel free to post them in the comments :)