chaining spirits

chaining american spirits while i edit my clips… no big plans for xmas so there’s no last minute stuff to do… i just shot clips all day and smoked yummy virginia slims 120s and marlboro gold selects 100s… one of the clips is 17 minutes long but is too big for this site, so i had to cut it into 2 clips…but you can watch them back to back and get the full experience that way… im kinda spacey cause im on a nicotine high and also it ain’t easy bein’ green haha and two of those things together is pretty cool but also pretty knock-you-on-your-ass strong. it’s nice af. i have to dangle while im typing and im getting ash all over the keyboard just so i can type banal stuff that is probably boring the fuck out of you, so i’m gonna shut up now and just post a couple more pics instead.


it is a really nice feeling to have brand new packs of cigarettes. today i got two packs. one pack of Marlboro Gold Select Blend 100s and one pack of Virginia Slims 120s with the tan/orange line up the pack. Fancy! it’s a white filter throwdown. I am going to try to shoot more tomorrow. i’ve been having these weird shooting pains in my head so I don’t know what will happen but I’m gonna try my best, so wish me luck! xo


New Clips and More Live Talk

Went on Nexo yesterday and played with the live show function - ended up smoking a couple of cigs on cam for a public show, at one point had three whole peeps watching, yeah! it was fun, I dig the interface… I might hop on there now and again, maybe tweet or something on my @smoketemtpress account when I’m hopping on, or post here or something, dunno how I will do that yet but I will figure it out… private shows will be available when I do that, and you will always have the ability to tip me, which is greatly appreciated as it will encourage me to smoke more and to get on there more often to do more public shows.

put up a new clip and more on the way bay-bay…smoking those american spirit golds today and they are pretty yum..almost out of reds and VS 120s boo hoo…the pocketbook is getting empty.. i need a cigarette fund, man, this is bullshit… i hate having to scrape together change for cigarettes, it’s just not right. i should have an abundance of cigs at all times so i can just chainsmoke like absolute mad and never have to stop because supplies are low.

2 New Chainsmoking Clips

Just uploaded 2 new chainsmoking clips - one with a Marlboro Smoke Break that’s nearly 10 minutes long, and one that is 4 Virginia Slims 120s in a row that is nearly 20 minutes long. Both are available in the Newest Clips section.

I have been chaining a TON lately. Stress is supergood for chaining. You start one cigarette and get lost in thought and that thought is well, stressful, and before you know it, your cigarette is gone, and it seems like you didn’t really get to enjoy it, because you were so busy stressing out. So you immediately have to light up a new cigarette because damn it, smoking is an enjoyable activity and you can’t just let it go by without a little pleasure. But then it’s just not enough, and yeah, you are still stressed. And before long, it is like this big bucket of addiction and missed pleasure from stress that you can’t get back that you keep chasing, and soon the ashtray is overflowing and your packs are empty and you are frantic AGAIN only this time it’s because you have no car and you are out of smokes and you are looking for a ride to the store because none of the butts in the ashtray have enough cigarette left on them to dig out to smoke. Because when you get desperate, this will sometimes happen. Yes. You are occasionally so hungry for nicotine that you will go into the full ashtray and snag a smoked, stubbed out cigarette that has a few drags left on it - miracle of miracles - and smoke THAT because damn it, if you don’t, you might just lose your fucking mind.

Whew. I got stressed just WRITING that. And now I need a CARTON of cigarettes.

Speaking of cartons, which are exceedingly hard to find and afford, I want some. Cartons, that is. How dreamy an idea THAT is. Oh, well. It’s a pipe dream, obviously.