Two More - In One I Speak!

Here's the last two, now posted:


Newport Red Smoke 7.30.18
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Shooting this last time was so much fun. I'm getting ideas on how to shake things up some on a nonexistent budget and I think when I'm able to pull it off, you're gonna be very pleased.

Until then, here are 2 more of the latest clips I have uploaded today:

And yes, there are more clips coming :)

direct hitting

When I direct hit, the smoke is so hot as it travels quickly down my throat into my windpipe and down deep into my lungs. It's amazing how hot the smoke gets. And it is STILL hot when it comes back up to go out of my nose! How does that work? Wait, don't tell me. I'd prefer to think it's MAGIC.

This is the direct hitting clip I did the other day with a Marlboro Red. It has just been posted to the Featured Clips on the front page.


The first three...

Here are the first three new clips posted today. I am beginning to post the rest now and will blog about those when they are posted. I am still planning another "MY SMOKY DAY" shoot, i think it will be tons better than the one I didn't want to release. I also think I will smoke much more in the new one. Which is, you know, a plus. :)

Anyway., here are those three new clips:


Another VS 120
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Chainsmoking in Nightie
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More new smoking clips coming soon!!

Dos Clips

There are two new clips featured on the front page - One is VS 120 chainsmoking, and the other is a More 120 smoke in a low-cut leather dress and short black leather gloves (loads of cleavage in that one). 

I am reconsidering the version of "My Smoky Day" I am currently editing. I'm not happy with it. It does not live up to the vision I had, so I want to do it over. But I might release the 37 minutes I have edited it down to as just hey, here is 37 minutes of candid smoking in different lighting situations! Or I may cannibalize it and edit it down to the juicy hot smokiest bits instead. But yeah. I am going to redo the vid cause I really want to concept and the actual video to match in quality and content (plus I think I just want an excuse to smoke a lot).

Update City

There are FOUR new clips in the Featured Clips section. All very smoky, all very full of cleavage.

Marlboro Gold 100s and Marlboro Red shorts today. I did a video yesterday into the night called "My Smoky Day". I have a feeling it is going to be quite long. I lost track of all the cigarettes I smoked. I just kept smoking one after another. I may have been a little um intox'd. But that adds to the fun :)



I am tagging 600 clips. This is taking a lot of time and a lot of cigarettes. I just polished off a pack of Marlboro Gold 100s. My supply is running low but I have some VS 120s left to help me keep cranking these tags out. But soon you will be able to pull down a menu for a collection and choose what clips you want to browse by tag. Ex: If you want to see all the clips in a collection where I have long nails. Or where I'm smoking Marlboro Reds. Or hands-free dangling clips. Gloves. Etc.

I will be uploading some more new clips soon. Here are a couple of stills:


Site Updates & New Clips

Added three new clips yesterday and four new clips today to the front page with more new clips coming soon...

Right now the site is in a state of flux as I am working on tagging all the clips so that you can, for example, find all hands-free clips very easily, or all 120's clips, etc. So things will be moving around. I will try to keep everything as accessible as possible and trying to do most of the organization through tagging. The hope is that when I am done you will find this site a fuck of a lot easier to navigate.

Today is Marlboro Gold 100s and VS 120s. Nicotine is a nootropic and so all this web work is requiring a lot of smoking to keep me alert and on task.